Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Features on ShutterGuides

We've been laying low lately while we had our heads buried in code improving some things on the site. If you haven't been back to ShutterGuides in a bit you'll notice a some big changes that we hope make it easier for you find great new photo guides and spots!

Here are some of the biggest changes we've made:

Latest Guides

Now when you visit the home page or log in to your account you'll see a feed of the latest guides that were created on ShutterGuides. As we get started ramping up and gathering your best photo guides, we realized it was pretty difficult sometimes to find content through search. We think this feed of newly created content will give you some new places to add to your travel itinerary while we collect more and more guides.

Most Favorited Guides

You'll notice a new list of most favorited guides on the home page as well. This is another way to discover content in a "browse-able" way by finding guides that other users thought were great and added to their favorites.

Redesigned Profile

We've simplified and re-organized the profile page so that it's easier to browse at a glance. We've made it easier to navigate through your guides and favorites (or other people's guides and favorites), and set up the page for some future enhancements that will be coming soon. And we've given you more options to customize your profile and let others know more about you, like adding your location and your various website profiles like Google+, Flickr, 500px, Facebook, and Twitter.

We also fixed a number of bugs and other issues, and are still working hard on a few remaining things that are behind the scenes to set the site up to be faster and more reliable for the future. But don't worry, we'll be back to adding great new features to make it easier to find and discover great new photography spots soon!

As always, please give us feedback on the site, the changes we made, ideas you have, or anything else!