Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge

Photo Credit: Toby Harriman
Few icons represent San Francisco to visitors and locals alike than the Golden Gate Bridge. Painted and orange-ish red-ish gold-ish color known as international orange, the suspension bridge spans the bay from San Francisco to Marin County to its north. And due to its vibrant sunrises and sunsets, beautiful lighting at night, and likelihood of being shrouded at any time in dense fog, it makes for a spectacular photo subject.

Photographer Toby Harriman has shot many angles of this spectacular bridge, and offers numerous vantage points in his photo guide, from Fort Baker, Cavallo Point, and the Marin Headlands from the north, to Marshall Beach and Treasure Island to the south and east, for capturing this San Francisco icon.

And to add to the fun, this year is the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Plan to head there on May 27 for a festival that will take place with events from Fort Point to Pier 39.

View the entire photo guide: