Thursday, August 2, 2012

Your Photo Guides: More Beautiful

We recently made some changes to how your photo guides are presented, and we think you'll like them. Now when you click on a spot to get more details, the map will slide over and zoom in. On the right side you'll see a larger version of the spot's photo, GPS coordinates, weather, and Exif information. We think you'll find this easier to use while exploring photo guides on ShutterGuides! And of course you can always go back to seeing the larger map by clicking the arrows in the corner or hitting "Escape" on the keyboard.

New photo guide layout: easier to use and more beautiful

Check out Toby Harriman's guide to Roaring Fork Valley as an example of the changes:

As always, leave us some feedback for this and anything else you think of, and stay tuned for more improvements soon!

Happy exploring,

Tim Gupta and the ShutterGuides team