Friday, November 16, 2012

4 Days in Seattle: Finding the Best Photo Spots

A few months ago I took a road trip up to Seattle, Washington with my wife to explore a city that I had heard (and seen) very good things about but had never experienced before. While the trip was not specifically for photography, I knew I wanted to find some great photo spots along the way. And once I arrived in the Emerald City I knew I would not have trouble photographing this beautiful city!

Here are a few terrific photo spots I found on my brief stay (and by the way, yes I did create a photo guide to Seattle):

Kerry Park

This is almost certainly a well known photo spot to Seattle residents, and for good reason. Because it is in the neighborhood known as Queen Anne, it is on the highest named hill in Seattle, and directly faces the skyline of downtown Seattle. If the weather is clear enough at sunset, you might be able to see Mount Rainier in the distance, just to the side of the skyline.

12th Street Bridge

I had heard about this spot before, but had difficulty actually finding the location. After being misled to the entirely wrong place, I quickly raced to what turned out to be the right spot in time for the sunset. This vantage point of the Seattle skyline gives you a fantastic foreground as the light starts to fade from sunset due to the headlights and tail lights from the speeding cars on I-5.

Gas Works Park

The park itself offers myriad fascinating photography subjects with all the gas equipment still in tact and on display. Not to mention it offers yet another great view of the city skyline, as well as boats, canoers, kayakers, sea planes taking off, and the span of the Aurora Bridge all within a medium focal length away.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is probably one of two things people are likely to know about Seattle even if they're otherwise unfamiliar with the city. Known especially as the place where they throw the fish (but in reality offering a great deal more than that), exploring it with a camera doesn't disappoint. The scene offers much in the way of street photography, capturing music performers, fish throwers, tourists, locals, and characters of all flavors. It also has one of the most iconic signs in all of Seattle.

Space Needle

And of course the Space Needle is the other thing people are likely to know about Seattle. As you might guess, the view from the top of the Space Needle is fantastic, and if you can go at a time when the light and clouds are dramatic, you won't regret the dent it makes in your wallet to get up there.

There are so many other great photo spots throughout Seattle, some of which I discovered, and many which I'll have to save for my next trip that way. If you'd like to see my complete photo guide, head on over to ShutterGuides to get all the photo spots I found on my brief stay in a city that I feel offers endless photography opportunities! And if you'd like to add a guide to Seattle or any other city, we'd love to see you on ShutterGuides!