Monday, September 30, 2013

Upload Your Photos Directly to ShutterGuides

I'm proud to announce that, in addition to being able to import photos from Google+ and Flickr for your photo guides, now you can directly upload photos from your computer, phone, or tablet! This is a quick, easy option for adding photos to your guides, especially if you don't share all your photos on Google+ or Flickr.

Haven't created a guide before? It's quick and easy! Let's say you are a San Francisco based photographer and know several great spots in and around the city. Here are the steps:

1. Add Photos

First, you'll add photos to the guide that spotlight your favorite spots around the city, perhaps starting with some great spots on Treaure Island: the old pier, and both the eastern and western span of the Bay Bridge.

2. Guide Map

Next, you'll add all the photos from step 1 onto the map. If any of your photos were geotagged, we'll take care of the mapping for you.

3. Spot Details

Then you can (optionally) add tips for each spot, a little nugget of wisdom for another photographer who might visit that spot for the first time. You can also offer recommendations on gear and best time of day to visit. For example, you might suggest heading to Treasure Island at sunset with a wide angle lens and tripod, and to remember layers of clothing as the weather changes very quickly there.

4. Guide Details

Last, provide a name for the guide, something like "San Francisco Photo Spots". You can optionally add some tags and a description to entice people to your guide.

That's it! Your guide is done and at the ready to help other photographers find great photo spots in San Francisco. (And by the way, if you really are looking for photo spots in San Francisco, there are a handful of great guides!)

This feature is in beta, so go ahead and upload photos to your guides, and as always, we'd love your feedback! And if you know spots in beautiful cities like New York, London, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sydney, Chicago, and many more, we'd love to talk to you!