Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Photo Guide, Two Views

Just wanted to make a quick announcement: now your photo guides offer two different views of your photo spots. Every guide still defaults to displaying your spots on a map, which makes it easy to understand where each spot is in relation to each other and makes it easy to navigate to each location.

But now, you can also view a photo guide in a list format, allowing you to see all the spot details (like GPS coordinates, tips for getting the shot, gear and time recommendations, and more), all at a single glance. This new view also doubles as the print friendly version of your guide, so you can take this list of spots with you on the go if you <gasp> find yourself without an internet connection while you're out discovering new spots.

List view of photographer +Dave Morrow's "Pacific Northwest Top 50" photo guide.
Check out all Dave's Pacific Northwest photo spots in list view.

As always, keep sending us your feedback as we continue to roll out new features. Let us know if there's something you'd like to see in moving ShutterGuides toward being the best way to find and discover new photography spots around the world!