Monday, August 12, 2013

Any Device, Any Screen: Fully Responsive Site

A few weeks ago we quietly revamped the entire website. In case you didn't notice, now the site is fully responsive, meaning it will adjust and resize to any sized screen that you might be using at the time. It also means we folded the mobile website back into the main website, which we think makes it easier for everybody: one URL for you to remember, and one beautiful site for us to keep improving on.

In the process, we also made sure that all parts of the site are accessible down to a mobile phone-sized screen. Now, you can even create a photo guide entirely from your phone.

We also gave the home page a facelift, so now you'll see a featured photo guide displayed prominently at the top (we're currently featuring the great new Miami Photo Guide by photographer +edin chavez). We'll be rotating those out periodically to help you discover great new guides that you might not have known were added to the site.

And if you're into the little details, you'll notice that all of our icons are now vector-based icons, meaning they'll scale up crisply to your high-resolution retina iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks (or of course your non-iToy high-res device of choice).

We've got some more awesomeness coming up very soon, too, so stay tuned. And as always, we welcome any feedback you have on these changes or anything else on the site.