Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why do you photog?

This week I read about the story of local photographer Cory Hansen, and the time-lapse video he made in memory of his father. Hansen say he "had a really hard time with it (his father's passing)" and his project has "sparked a fire under me and got [him] up and running again". He finds inspiration in capturing the beauty of places he had enjoyed with his father, and in the solitude of nature.

In Search of Night from Cory Hansen on Vimeo.

After reading the article and watching his beautiful video, I couldn't help but reflect on my own life and how I got into photography. 

My reasons for starting up with photography were two fold: I had recently moved to California and was disconnected (geographically) from my family, and I had made some new friends who enjoyed the hobby. It was part social, and also a way to share my experience and life in this new place with those I loved. 

As a wonderful side effect of meeting great friends and picking up their hobby, I've also gone on lots of trips to some absolutely gorgeous areas. And while I'm certainly not the greatest photographer in the world, I love exploring these areas trying to find the best vantage points to capture their beauty. In fact, it was on one of these such trips that we came up with the idea of building ShutterGuides!

So what about you? What's your inspiration? What made you pick up that camera those first few times and causes you to continually consume inordinate amounts of storage with thousands of photos?