Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Photo Guide Layout

We've recently improved the guide list view layout with larger photos and a layout that makes better use of the screen real estate available at all the different screen sizes we support. And as always, photos remain protected from right-click saving and drag-and-drop copying using industry standard best practices.

New improved list view for my Seattle, Washington photo guide
Another major change we're experimenting with is defaulting guides to this new list view. In thinking about how a photographer might scout for photography locations, we felt that in the early stages of planning a photography trip, a person would be more interested in seeing all the different photo opportunities of a place at a glance. Later, while at that specific location with the guide in hand, the map view comes in handy. Given this scenario, we've decided to display the list view as the default, and of course the map view is still just a click away.

Some of the nice side effects of this change are that the guides display better on smaller mobile screens, your content is more findable on search engines like Google and Bing, and as a whole the guide is more visually appealing. A triple-win, especially if you're selling your photo guides.

As always, we welcome your feedback as we continually improve and test new ideas! And stay tuned for more ahead!